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Restorative Dentistry Eugene, OR

Eugene, OR woman smiling about the restorative procedure she received from her dentist.Restoring your teeth following decay or damage is important to your oral health. Our staff at College Hill Dental can fix damage and replace missing teeth while improving your ability to chew properly and may even improve your speech. If you are experiencing pain, discomfort, or are only chewing on the other side, we can help.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are rapidly becoming the restoration of choice when a patient is missing a tooth. It is the only method that allows you to replace a tooth with a structure that will operate and feel like your natural tooth. Dental implants are not the tooth at all, but the rebuilding of the base to place a tooth.

We surgically implant a metal rod into the jaw bone, restoring the root of the missing tooth. Once healed, we can then place a dental crown, a bridge, a partial denture or even a full denture, over the implant, or multiple implants depending on the prosthetic being used. A dental implant serves as a rebuilt foundation for a firm hold.

Before a dental implant can be placed, many patients will have first to have their jaw bone bulked up with a simple bone graft procedure. When a patient loses a tooth or multiple teeth, there is an immediate loss of bone through atrophy. The process is simple but can take several months for new bone growth to occur. Patients who are having a denture retained with implants may not require a bone graft because we use longer implants that extend to thicker bone. Read more about Dental Implants.

Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is a type of fixed dental restoration that can help “bridge” the gap left behind by a lost tooth. Unlike a partial denture, dental bridges are fairly permanent and cannot be removed. Instead, you need to keep them clean like you would your natural teeth. They look and feel natural, making them an excellent treatment option for many patients who have lost a tooth.

If you are one of the 178 million American adults who has lost at least one of your permanent teeth, then there is most likely a very good chance that you have been looking into your restoration options for your missing tooth. Some of our patients may not be good candidates for more permanent procedures such as dental implants but also are deterred by the lack of stability that can be found with a partial denture. For these patients, they may find that a dental bridge is exactly what they need to replace their missing tooth. We find dental bridges to be a reliable and long-lasting restoration option for many of our patients. Read more about Dental Bridges.

Dental Crown

A dental crown is a treatment provided to help restore teeth affected by damage. It is a cap-like restoration that is designed to encase the entire visible surface of the affected tooth. It works to hold the damaged tooth together, preventing further damage and infection, while also restoring its strength so that it can function normally.

Your teeth perform some essential tasks every day. They are incredibly strong, able to stand up a significant amount of daily use. Despite their incredible strength, the teeth can still be affected by physical damage and decay, which can lead to cracks, chips, cavities, and more. This damage can compromise the strength of the affected teeth as well as their health. At College Hill Dental we can restore the health and strength of a damaged tooth with a dental crown. Read more about Dental Crowns.

Oral Appliance Therapy

Treating snoring or sleep apnea with oral appliance therapy can help you feel like a new person. You will find that your symptoms, and your quality of life, can improve dramatically when you remain committed to your treatment and use it nightly. Custom-fit oral appliances from College Hill Dental can improve your sleep, restore your alertness and revitalize your health.

If you have concerns about snoring and sleep apnea, it may be time to make an appointment. If you suspect you may have sleep apnea, I can recommend a sleep physician to help get you started on your path to treatment. If you have already been diagnosed with sleep apnea, I can fit you with an oral appliance. Our team at College Hill Dental is ready to answer your questions about obstructive sleep apnea, dental sleep medicine and oral appliance therapy. Read more about Oral Appliance Therapy.

Bone Grafts

Bone grafting is a surgical procedure that is used to fix problems associated with the bone or joints. It involves transplanting bone tissue, and in the field of dentistry, it is most commonly completed so that there is enough bone available to support dental implants. Read more about Bone Grafts.

Tooth Extraction

We never take the extraction of a tooth lightly, when possible, we encourage our patients to take steps to save their natural teeth. In the past, dentists and patients extracted teeth as common practice, what they found is that missing teeth caused a cascade of other negative problems. We promote only extracting a tooth when no other option is available. In general, there are two types of tooth extractions, surgical and non-surgical. A non-surgical extraction can quickly turn into a surgical extraction. Read more about Tooth Extractions.

Teeth Veneers

Even tiny imperfections in your teeth can have a huge impact on the quality of your smile. Veneers are a cosmetic solution to these imperfections. They are thin, resembling shells in appearance, and cover the front areas of visible teeth. Once I place, they restore the beauty of your smile. Read more about Teeth Veneers.

Dentures and Partials

Dentures are a "replacement" option for missing teeth. There are two variations of dentures: partial dentures and full dentures. Read more about Dentures and Partials.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is a procedure we perform when the inside pulp portion of a tooth has become infected. Though patients often fear the thought of a root canal procedure, it is the infection they should fear more. Your body is incapable of healing from a pulp infection on its own; the infection will only continue to rage until it kills the tooth and possibly spread to neighboring teeth. The only way to keep the tooth and remove the infection is through root canal therapy. We will open the tooth, remove the source of the infection, cleanse the area and restore the tooth. Read more about Root Canal Therapy.
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