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Drinks Can Alter the Color of Your Teeth
Posted on 4/15/2019 by College Hill Dental
The foods and beverages that you consume will make a major difference in the appearance of your smile. Certain drinks can stain the teeth, so if you want to maintain a healthy, white smile, you'll need to avoid them. Coffee Causes Dark Stains on Teeth Coffee is a major culprit when it comes to staining the teeth, especially if you drink it black. The teeth are porous, so the dark tannins in coffee easily seep into the enamel. Even a cup of coffee per day can lead to stains, but you can minimize your risk by adding some milk to lighten the color. Soda is Acidic and Full of Sugar When it comes to the teeth, sugar packs a couple of punches to the color. Soda is high in acid and artificial sugar, both of which are bad for the enamel. Dark-colored sodas like cola – even diet – can also contribute to stains. That's why we also discourage you from drinking clear soda – the damage to your teeth will still occur even without the dark color. Fruit Juice isn't A Healthy Alternative Some people believe that switching from coffee or soda to juice is a good alternative for their teeth. Unfortunately, juice isn't a good option, either. Dark juices like cranberry and grape juices contain dark pigments that can stain the teeth. They are also acidic, which is troublesome for the teeth. Choosing a lighter colored juice could help you to keep your teeth whiter, especially apple juice. Water and Milk Are the Best Choices If you want to maintain a white smile, the best possible beverages are water and milk Water helps to wash away stain-causing bacteria, acids, and debris, and with its light color and high calcium value, milk is a great choice for a healthy smile. Do you dream of having a white, bright smile you are proud to show off? Call our office today for an appointment....

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