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Dr. Paskalev is offering this dental blog as a resource to his patients and the community. Our hope at College Hill Dental is that this blog will cover subjects that you and your family may be interested in.

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Types of Oral Injuries You Need to Call Us For
Posted on 1/15/2019 by College Hill Dental
At what point should you seek treatment for tooth, jaw, or gum injury? The easy answer is “immediately upon discovery,” but here are two problems that you definitely, without fail, should give us a call to discuss. Dental Abscesses Straddling the line between an illness and an injury (it's both), an abscess is a cyst that has become infected with bacteria, and is now swollen, cracking, and distended with sacks full of pus. The illness portion is all that diseased gunk swishing around inside of your sensitive tissues, but there are also injuries caused by the expansion and distortion of the abscess, as well as the potential for it to rupture and blister as it grows. Dangerous anywhere in the body, especially in the mouth, an abscess left untreated for too long can be potentially life threatening, and even in the best cases will certainly try to spread to other teeth and make them sick, too. Lost Teeth On a less grim note, if you have extremely recently lost a tooth, don't bury it under the pillow just yet! Most of the time, as long as the root structure is still intact and undamaged, a tooth that has been knocked out can be reattached and allowed to heal back into place, restoring it to its rightful place in your mouth. It is urgent to seek care immediately, as the optimal case for the procedure is within the first thirty minutes of losing the tooth, and the prognosis dims the longer it goes without care. Plop it down into a glass of milk, or if it isn't too painful, try to place it back into the socket, and come by our office to see if we can rescue it! In the first scenario, we warned against the potential death of a tooth. In the second, we discussed the potential saving of a tooth's life. Both are important, so please give us a call if you are experiencing either of these issues, or any dental issues that need professional care....

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